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  Beaded Garland Curtain
mirror facet beaded garland-YZJ
crystal stem branch-I00
wedding hair wreath-FHC
wooden jewelry bead-MZ
crystal K9 glass beads garland
wire pearl beaded spray-YZB
  Chandelier Prism Dropping
Bicone Wire Chandelier Prism- CDY
Bowtie Chandelier prism-CDT
  Wedding Tree & Holder
floral stand holder centerpiece-GBH
wreath hair vine-XFD
Wedding table crystal tree
wedding tree
  Acrylic Jewelry Beads
  Other Beads and Accessories
rhinestone mesh ribbon
jewelry bead storage box -SA
  Beaded Jewelry
crystal jewelry flower- JHB
acrylic chunky resin bead-RW
  Other Series
Acrylic Bicone Beads--YB
Acrylic Skull Eye Beads--YO
Acrylic Round Beads-YA
Acrylic Flower Beads-YC
Acrylic Butterfly Beads-YD
Acrylic Oval Beads-YE
Acrylic Rose Beads-YF
Acrylic Spike Beads-YG
Acrylic Star Beads-YH
Acrylic Square Beads-YI
Resin Rhinestone Berry Beads-YP
packing details direction photo
popular style in stock
Bead in Bead-ABB
Beaded Curtains by ring - YZA
Beaded Curtains by wire - YZC
Clear Acrylic Beads- AC
Clear Acrylic Pendants-AP
Crack Acrylic Beads-CAB
Jewelry Wire and Cord- SB
Painted White Beads -RF
Beaded Chains by clasp - YZN
Beaded Curtain Accessories
ABS Pearl Beaded Chains- PBC
Beaded Curtain Usage Show -CS
Crystal Chains for Wedding&chandelier - BCW
ABS Pearl Beads- CCB
Miracle Acrylic Beads-MC
String Wire Line Curtains for Decoration
Crack Jelly Beads
Natural Color Acrylic Beads- SAB
Jelly Jewelry Beads- F
Painted Jelly Jewelry Beads - NF
Solid Color Crack Jewelry Beads - AF
Beaded Necklace with Jewelry Wire -BN
String Bead Curtains -SBC
LED Light Beads Pendant Accessories -XD
Spray Lacquer Beads -SLB
CoCo Color Painted Beads -GF
Black Painted Beads- PAB
Acrylic Beaded Strands By bowtie knot -TBC
acrylic crystal diamond drop- BG
Acrylic crystal beads fringe laces- BFL
Acrylic crystal beads spary strands- CBG
Acrylic Beads Necklace- BF
Acrylic Beads Bracelet -BB
Acrylic crystal beads bauquet - CWB
Acrylic crystal beaded tassel -ABT
Christmas Beaded Ornament-BTD
wedding table loose scatter- YT
Feather wedding table centerpiece decoration
wooden doorway beaded curtain- WBC
crystal beaded holder for wedding- CBH
wedding chandelier decoration- WCD
silk rose flower petals- FR
Wine set charms- WGC
Bead vase craft - BVC
Jewellry Alum Wire Chain- A0
Mix Ring Bead Chain Curtains- MBC
Jewelry faceted flower accent- JF
party fruit steel pick with bead- FS
Nature Solid Color Acrylic Beads - SAB
Christmas Beaded Garland-CBG
Acrylic mirror Beads-AJZ
chandelier prism---CDL
Acrylic Heart Beads ---YJ
Acrylic Tear Drop --YW
Berry Beads-YP

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